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1958 Edsel Corsair SeriesKnow your VIN?
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1958 Edsel Corsair 4-door Hardtop

1958 Edsel Corsair 4-door Hardtop

Image Courtesy of Ford Motor Co.

Original Base Price $3,139.00
No. Produced 5,880
Body Maker Ford
No. Doors 4
Model Number 57A
Weight 4,235lbs
Wheelbase 124 inches
Length 218.9 inches
Width 79.8 inches
Height 56.8 inches
Front Tread 59.4 inches
Rear Tread 59 inches
Type E-475 V8 overhead valve
Displacement 411.05 cu. in.
Cylinders 8
Bore & Stroke 4 13/64 & 3 45/64 inches
Compression Ratio-Std 10.5 to 1
Compression Ratio-Opt Not applicable
Brake Horsepower 345@4600
Rated Horsepower 56.53
Torque 475@2900
Type Downdraft 4-barrel
Make Holley
Type Edsel automatic
Drive Rear wheel drive
No. Of Gears 3
Not applicable
Clutch Size
Differential Ratio 2.91
Front Independent ball joint with coil springs
Rear Hotchkiss
Recirculating ball and nut
Service Hydraulic self-adjusting
Front Size 11 inches
Rear Size 11 inches
Emergency Rear service brakes
Size 11 inches
Not Rated
VIN/Serial no. X8aW700001 & up
VIN Description Total Digits: 10
Digits 1: Engine
Digits 2: Model year
Digits 3: Assembly plant
Digits 4: Series & Body style
Digits 5-10: Production number
VIN Location On left front pillar hinge post.
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