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1950 Studebaker Commander Regal DeLuxe Series 17AKnow your VIN?
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Original Base Price $2,180.00
No. Produced 24,712
Body Maker Studebaker
No. Doors 4
Model Number Y5
Weight 3,355lbs
Wheelbase 120 inches
Length 211.875 inches
Width 69 9/16 inches
Height 62.25 inches
Front Tread 55.5 inches
Rear Tread 54 inches
Type L-head
Displacement 245.6 cu. in.
Cylinders 6
Bore & Stroke 3 5/16 & 4 3/4 inches
Compression Ratio-Std 7.0 to 1
Compression Ratio-Opt
Brake Horsepower 102@3200
Rated Horsepower 26.3
Torque 205@1200
Main Bearings 4
Valve Lifters Mechanical
Block Material
Engine Numbers Starting H370001
Engine No. Location On front left corner and left side of block.
Lubrication Pressure to all bearings excluding wrist pin
Type Single downdraft
Make Stromberg
Type Helical
Drive Rear wheel drive
No. Of Gears 3
Gear Ratios
1st 2.57 to 1
2nd 1.55 to 1
3rd 1 to 1
4th Not applicable
5th Not applicable
Reverse 3.48 to 1
Single plate
Clutch Size 9.25 inches
Differential Ratio 4.09
Rear Semi-elliptic leaf springs
Cam & lever
Service Hydraulic drum
Front Size 11 inches
Rear Size 11 inches
Emergency Rear service brakes
Size 9 inches
Exhaust System Single
Ignition System Distributor and coil
Battery 6
Cooling System Centrifugal pump with thermostat
Radiator Cellular
Fuel Type
Wheel Type
Wheel Mfr
Wheel Size 15 x 6
Tire Type 4 ply
Tire Size 7.6 x 15
Spare Location Trunk
Fuel 18 Gallons
Oil 6 Quarts
Transmission 2.375 Pints
Cooling System 13.5 Quarts
Rear Differential 3 Pints
Front Differential Not Applicable
Transfer Case Not Applicable
Not Rated
VIN/Serial no. 4398601 to 4461853
VIN Description
VIN Location On plate on left front door lock post. Add'l Serial Nos.: 4839001 to 4848311
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Additional Information
This model had a 124 inch wheelbase.

Studebaker Shop Manual 1950 Passenger CarLos Angeles Public Library
630 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles CA 90071
(213) 228-7000
Studebaker-The Complete Story W.Cannon & F.FoxLos Angeles Public Library
Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975 Krause Pub.Los Angeles Public Library
The Production Figure Book for U.S. Cars Jerry HeasleyHorseless Carriage Foundation
8186 Center St. Suite F P.O. Box 4119
La Mesa CA 91944-4119
(619) 464-0301
Serial No. Book for US Cars 1900-1975 G. BrighamHorseless Carriage Foundation
Motor Age December 1945Los Angeles Public Library
Motor Age November 1949Horseless Carriage Foundation
Automotive Industries March 15 1950Los Angeles Public Library
Paint Type
Colors Bahama Mist
Plaza Gray
Highland Mist
Bermuda Green
Copper Mist No. 2
Midnight Blue
Concord Blue
Falcon gray
Black Cherry
Fiesta Tan
Grove Green
Shenandoah Green
Steel Mist
Old Ivory
Aqua Green
Aero Blue
Comanche Red
Surf Gray
All colors may not be available in all models.
Two Tone Colors Available
Standard/Optional Equipment
Automatic transmissionOpt
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